Cannabis Bag and Pouch Packaging Custom Printing - Dura Pack
Founded in 1971 as Metro Scale Company, Dura-Pack is a third-generation family company specializing in packaging equipment and flexible packaging solutions. Housed in a 35,000 sq. ft. facility in Taylor, Michigan, Dura-Pack is a fully integrated company with in-house engineering, fabrication, electrical design, graphic design, and software development.

Cannabis Bag and Pouch Packaging Custom Printing - Dura Pack

Does your cannabis product stand out on the dispensary store shelf? We can help you differentiate your cannabis products with custom printed cannabis pouches and bags.

Dura-Pack custom printed cannabis pouches comply with State guidelines, feature unique child-resistant closures and are constructed from multiple layers of specialized film material designed to deliver maximum freshness, have the strongest odor barrier available and be immune to ripping, tearing and punctures.

If you would like more information on our custom cannabis pouch printing or branded cannabis bags, please send us an email or give us a call and speak to one of our cannabis packaging experts. We look forward to working from you!

Dura-Pack cannabis pouches and bags are proudly manufactured in the USA!



Originally developed for printing high-resolution magazines, inserts, etc. Ideal for medium-to-high volume runs with little to no variation in design. Transfers ink from indentations in a metal printing plate to a substrate. Rotogravure is considered to be an intaglio process because the design that is printed is engraved/etched below the surface of the printing plate. The printing plate is coated in ink and the surface is then wiped clean. The substrate is pressed against the ink plate and the indentations, the substrate penetrates the indentations and draws out the ink.
Lower resolution than rotogravure. Ideal for medium-to-high volume runs with little to no variation in design. Flexographic printing utilizes rubber plates mounted on roller covered in ink. The substrate passes through a series of rotary plates as roller feeds each plate with ink, with a single plate required for each individual printed color. The relief plates work in tandem to provide all colors for the final print product.
Resolution rival’s rotogravure and flexographic printing. Does not require plates or tooling, making it the ideal printing method for cannabis products that are shorter runs and allows for greater artwork variation.