Why Do You Need Digital Signing Software In The Healthcare Industry?
Bulk or remote signature for healthcare makes sending and receiving signed approvals easier than ever before.

Healthcare is one of the most critical industries that can’t afford to slow down at any cost. Common challenges being faced include slow paperwork, slow delivery of signed paperwork/prescriptions, and a long wait for people to sign documents.

Healthcare is a complex and vast sector, it has many layers and chains of approvals, and this costs money, time, and efficiency. This is the right time for the healthcare sector to consider a smart solution i.e., digital signing or bulk signing solution for the approvals and documents to speed up the entire process. It can be widely used to approve treatments and procedures, generate, and approve prescriptions, email invoices, take approval on necessary documents and forms, etc. Additionally, the confidential hierarchy approvals and documents can be password-protected and delivered to desired recipients in an automated way along with time-location stamping.

This advanced digitalization of the healthcare sector in other features can ease the pain of handling many processes at the same time. Changing your work systems with cutting-edge technology and software is important. So, let’s discuss the benefits of digital signing software in the healthcare sector.

1.Digital Signing of Paperwork- Hospitals and pharmacies have tons of documents flowing in and out every day. Not to forget the tedious job of paperwork, approvals and standing in long queues waiting for admission forms, prescriptions, bills, etc. A secure digital signing software can be a viable solution to sign approvals while key decision makers and senior doctors are on the move, this solution enables doctors review the patient files and prescription while they are away or on the move and approve them from remote locations without taking these confidential documents out of the secure networks of the healthcare organization these kind of speedy review and approvals can cut huge time and can in return save lives and costs and mostly waiting in long queues for overwhelming healthcare sector in recent years.

2.ePrescriptions- The pandemic has brought the trend of eAppointments and this calls for a removal review, approval, and ePrescription system. Healthcare providers can sign medical prescriptions using signing software and it can get the email to a patient automatically. The best part is it ensures security by converting documents into password-protected PDFs.

3. Faster Patient Admission and Discharge- One can’t delay patients’ admission and other related tasks and this process requires a lot of paperwork to be exchanged, bulk signing solutions can be integrated into hospital management systems especially now with browser-based digital signing software, many documents can be sent, processed, and stored seamlessly.

4. Faster and Quicker Approvals- Bulk signing or remote signing for healthcare makes sending and receiving signed approvals more convenient than ever. The time for review of the patient file is a huge factor in this and with the help of these solutions, doctors can review and approve patients’ files while they are away or on this move, speeding the entire healthcare process. Apart from this purchasing, receiving, and distribution via bulk signing enables professionals to sign documents at a great speed. Invoices/bills/prescriptions can be easily sent to intended recipients with a single click.

5. Maintain Medical History- Hospitals have been maintaining records of patients for years, most probably on paper. It is difficult to look for individuals’ medical histories in a dark room with spiders on paper stacks. With solutions like auto, and real-time signing, you can maintain, and store documents related to a patient’s medical history easily.

If you’re determined to save ample time, money, and effort, the digital signing system always works in your favor. It can help eliminate paper-based tasks and simplify processes in the healthcare sector. It’s time to adopt excellent choices and tailored them to your needs to make the world a safe and efficient place.

Originally Published at on 7 July, 2022