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In the coming of age digital times, there's an #onlinesolution for almost everything. Then why let cabs be anything different? An app dedicated to hiring cabs provides a cutting-edge solution that saves everyone from the daily trouble of hiring cabs. With a simple app, commuting becomes a breeze and there's no trouble whatsoever. If you think you have something unique to offer with a taxi app, connect with us at Consagous Technologies Pvt Ltd and witness something truly cutting-edge.

The Breakfast Club's Judd Nelson gives COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER an old school Brat Pack greeting.

    The Cameo begins with a cool introduction from a Hollywood Legend, "Hello Costa Rica's Call Center. I'm Judd Nelson." Judd Asher Nelson  is an American actor best known for his roles as John Bender in The Breakfast Club, Alec Newbury in St. Elmo's Fire, Joe Hunt in Billionaire Boys Club, Nick Peretti in New Jack City   "I am wishing you congratulations on 12 years." We appreciate the acknowledgement from a true member of the Brat Pack that represented the 1980s. Taking a risk is what makes long shots possible in BPO and acting. Nelson was born in Portland, Maine,  studied at Haverford College in Pennsylvania, leaving during his sophomore year. He subsequently moved to Manhattan to study acting with Stella Adler. and hit it big when the odds were long.   The shout out continues with a compliment regarding style and taste when Judd mentions, "Your art deco building" CCC has a beautiful neon marquee structure on the corner of 11th avenue and 23rd street in Barrio Aranjuez. It resembles a classic theatre during the golden age.   "with your 1984 Mercedes Benz limousine" Naturally Judd arrived at his premiers in comfort and luxury. All clients visiting our offshore telemarketing call centre are met at SJO in our classi...

Brandon Moore says COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER deserves a thumbs up for the nearshore BPO industry.

        The video shout out begins with a mellow style, "Hello Costa Rica's Call Center employees."   "My name is Brandon. I am from the United States. I'm actually an employee from Cameo. I just wanted to give you guys a big thumbs up." Cameo HQ in Chicago is making international relations stronger with the Tico fan base. Our bilingual telemarketers always enjoy the Cameos.   "Congratulations for 12 years of business. That is absolutely crazy." Brandon can appreciate how competitive the offshore BPO industry is and what it takes to last.   "I think that is awesome. It is so hard to be successful in business now. And it takes a lot of hard work and I am impressed." The fact that an offshore telemarketing service has lasted a decade is something any business owner can acknowledge.   "I also wanted to mention your classic art deco building with neon marquees." CCC has a beautiful structure in Barrio Aranjuez on the corner of 23rd street and 11th avenue.   "Your jukebox arcade with American Pinball machines." Our call centre has the best gamification environment with a f...

BOOGER from the movie Revenge of the Nerds knows that nerds rule at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER !

"Hey everybody. A happy anniversary greeting from Booger."Curtis Armstrong is an American actor and singer best known for playing the roles of Booger in the Revenge of the Nerds movies, Herbert Viola on the TV series Moonlighting, Miles Dalby in the film Risky Business,    "to the Tico staff arranged by Richard, the best boss." The video begins in classic fashion when Curtis gives props to an offshore call center Nerd.   "It's great to be here to celebrate your 12th anniversary in the business." His first role came in the 1983 film Risky Business. Curtis has a long run in the movie business with a long list of successful movies and tv appearances and can appreciate the endurance needed to compete in the offshore BPO industry.   "I have never been there. I don't know this for certain but I heard it through the grapevine that you all are in a classic art deco building." CCC enjoys the look and style of the 1980s. Our beautiful telemarketing structure is located in barrio Aranjuez. Curtis also had a solid run in the 1980s with his other films include Better Off Dead, , One Crazy Summer,     "You got neon marquees and American pinball machines" Our call center has the best gamification culture with a ...

Chris Barron from the band SPIN DOCTORS loves the Tico staff at COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER.

  The video begins in classic rock star form when Chris says, "Hola de mis amigos de Costa Rica. Hello to the Tico staff." Chris Barron (born Christopher Gross) is an American singer and songwriter, best known as the lead singer of Spin Doctors.   "From the best boss, Richard. Ricardoooooo." The CEO of CCC is a big fan and wanted to gift the organization with a special cameo. Spin Doctors are an American rock band from New York City, best known for their early 1990s hits, "Two Princes" and "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong", which peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at No. 7 and No. 17, respectively.   "Celebrating the 12th year anniversary in business." Chris can understand and appreciate how competitive the offshore BPO industry can get. Just like the music business, there will always be tough competition and anyone with the ability to endure the test, can show the luxury of a solid track record. The history of Spin Doctors can be traced back to the late 1980s in New York City, originally as a band called Trucking Company; this band included harmonicist John Popper, and later vocalist Chris Barron, who was Popper's Princeton, New Jersey high school friend. Popper left this side project to focus on his main gig with Blues Traveler full-time. With a name change to Spin Doctors,  the classic li...

I also looked up a lot of your reviews online and they are all really really good. So, the food looks incredible.

Jon Matteson wants the pandemic to end so he can play pinball at COST RICA'S CALL CENTER.       The high energy video begins with a bang, "Hello cool staff. Jon Matteson here."       "Happy 12th year anniversary. That's incredible." Jon Matteson is a famous actor with a large following n Twitch.       "I looked up your business online. It looks delicious." Yes, the business process outsourcing industry is very exciting. CCC works hard at presenting the world of telemarketing in the best light.        Jon really shows his work life balance when he said, "I am a huge classic arcade fan and a huge pinball fan. Honestly, I really wish I get a chance to go." CCC is known for the best company culture in Central America. There is a free play arcade where gamification is highly encouraged to increase morale and team bonding. Old school gaming is a personal favorite of the CEO as well.       "I also looked up a lot of...

"You got a vintage Mercedes limo which you need to make it look mean."

Dave Hanson from Slap Shot shows Costa Rica's Call Center how to knock out calls!   The famous defensive player starts off the video strong, "Hey gang, it's Jack. Charlestown Chiefs. #16" David J. Hanson is a retired American professional ice hockey player.He played 33 games in the National Hockey League, and a total of 103 games in the World Hockey Association.   "foil?" Naturally before any game, The Hansons would wrap their fists with tin foil for extra punching power! This has shown to be a very effective technique during pre game brawls or during the hard hitting three periods. CCC makes sure our telemarketers are ready win when they hit the phones every day. We don't wrap our wrists, yet we prepare mentally to be strong and take the hits.Dave Hanson  was originally cast as "Dave 'Killer' Carlson" in the 1977 film Slap Shot, Hanson was recast as "Jack Hanson", one of the Hanson Brothers. Professional actor Jerry Houser was then cast as "Killer", the character based on Dave Hanson.    "old time hockey?" CCC strongly believes that having manners and class is an old time technique as well on a cold call. Hanson played hockey for the St. Paul Vulcans and for Herb Brooks' University of Minnesota college team before joining the pros. His classic trainin...

500 kg/h PCB separator machine running video

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