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October 18, 2020 

Broadway star JARROD SPECTOR has a huge fan base with COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER agents.

Broadway star JARROD SPECTOR has a huge fan base with COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER agents.

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  The video begins in a first class style and delivery, "What's up Costa Rica's Call Center crew?"He made his Broadway debut in Les Misérables, playing Gavroche. Afterward, he studied economics at Princeton University and then returned to acting before completing his degree.   "This is Jarrod Spector. Now listen, before I spent most of my life on Broadway, I was the pain in the as little brother in a friend group. And, always tagging along with my brother's friends. And that group included, Mr. Richard Blank." Jarrod was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania .He was a slick little brother that never told his parents about the parties we had in his house back in high school . He kept the code of silence. "So, I am not surprised to hear that he is the best boss to the crew down there."In 2007, Jarrod joined the 2nd San Francisco cast of Jersey Boys. Spector played Frankie Valli, a role he would play later in Chicago and on Broadway. Jarrod being a lead of a cast can relate to a leader of a company. Both set the pace, are 100% dedicated and can follow through as a professional. Just like acting, offshore BPO is very competitive and only those with endurance can make it big. "Listen, I have not been down there myself, but I have seen some pictures. But man, what a sweet set up." As Jarrod dominated Broadway when ...

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