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How healthcare professionals can use EBP in assessment & diagnosis – Pubrica

The most seen purpose of EBP is assistance to clinical healthcare professionals in making decisions for better treatment of patients. The history of EBP starts in 1970. Before the EBP, the health professionals mostly tended to rely on other experienced health professionals.   Continue Reading:

World Environment Day | Building a Sustainable Future

Rohit from iDream Education speaks with Mr. Aditya Pundir of Climate Reality India, which was started by former US Vice President Mr. Al Gore. In just the last 150 years, the amount of carbon emissions have gone up from 280 parts per million to 410 parts per million. The 3 hottest years ever have all happened in the last 10 years. The humanity is in crisis, But one thing which the ongoing Corona Lockdown has gives us is hope that if we want it, we all can collectively still take the corrective actions to save our earth from a catastrophe. But are we ready to commit to it? Can we be for a change just be slightly sensitive? This conversation gives us a strong reality check but also ends on a note of hope. But only if we commit to it. You can also join and be a part of the Climate Reality movement by clicking on the link below:

Enjoy a Reflection of Vineyard in your wine glasses: Choose Argentina Wine Tours

Argentina wine tours can give you educational opportunities. Besides tasting wines, you will have a chance to visit the vineyards and enjoy the food and stay. Know more:  

World Environment Day | How can schools build environmental values in Children

In the third video of the series, Rohit from iDream Education speaks with Ms. Susan Thomas, a Educator, Climate Reality Leader and a mentor. Ms. Susan has been tirelessly working since decades with several schools in inculcating the values of environment conservation in her students. In this video she talks about how can schools make policy level changes to build some very basic habits in their students which will go a long way in ensuring that the next generation grow up to be a far more responsible generation than the current one. If you are running a school or teaching in a school, please use the learnings from this video to make the required policy and curriculum changes. As the most important stakeholder in a child's education, our schools can in a big way shape up the value system of the next generation. If you connect with the things being discussed in the video, please support us by sharing this video. Download the iDream Learning App from this link:

Quick Way to Sell Your House in Pittsburgh | 412 Houses

Are you looking for a quick buyer for your property in Pittsburgh? Watch this video to learn how 412 Houses, the best cash home buyer in Pittsburgh, can buy your houses in a week. We facilitate hassle-free home sales that let you save money. Visit for more information.  

Five Star Bath Solutions of Richmond

Five Star Bath Solutions of Richmond is committed to completing ...

All of my Secrets ❤️ *Book Reveal*

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Transformational Story 2 | Learning Tablets | Sonia Mam

Sonia Mam teaches Science in a government school in Rohtak, Haryana. She is a strong believe in the method of teaching wherein she feels that unless students see and visualise a concept, they will never understand it. She is also a very passionate teacher who wants to see all her students including the weakest one's excel in their lives. She believes, " aagey badhengey to sab bachchon ko saath mein lekar badhengey". She has been using learning tablets with her students to not only deliver very fun and engaging learning but also to understand each of her students better. With consistent usage, she is very satisfied with the results and the way her students are coming up. To know more about our work, please visit us at

Clare & Alans Red Brick Barn Wedding Video | Boutique Wedding Films

This highlights version of Clare & Alan's Red Brick Barn wedding video. One of the hottests days of 2015 and one of the liveliest weddings I'd shot all year. The Essex wedding venue Red Brick Barn was the perfect setting and without doubt was the best grooms wedding speech I've seen to date. Firstly it had laughter and tears then what no one was expecting, he put on his own version of Jon Legend ordinary people.

Parklands Quendon Hall Wedding Venue | Boutique Wedding Films

Parklands Quendon hall wedding venue. Set in 100 acres of Picturesque deer park its a cracking wedding venue. As Parklands recommended wedding photographers and videographers we shot this short showreel to show of the beautiful rooms and stunning grounds. Quendon hall showreel.

Stunning The Ritz London Wedding Video - Scott Miller Photography

Working in a relaxed reportage style Boutique Wedding Films & Photography love nothing more than capturing priceless moments at the Ritz London. If you like our The Ritz Hotel wedding video then we would love to hear from you. We can also professionally live stream your Ritz London wedding around the world!

The Ritz London Wedding Film - Scott Miller Photography

Working in a relaxed reportage style Boutique Wedding Films & Photography love nothing more than capturing priceless moments at the Ritz London. If you like our The Ritz Hotel wedding film then we would love for you to get in touch. We can also professionally live stream your Ritz London wedding film around the world! 

How to overcome regulatory and ethical challenges regarding medical device? – Pubrica

(1)Equity of resources, (2) Patients' Rights, (3) Patient Safety, (4) ) Confidentiality of the patients, (5)Ethics of privatisation, (6)Conflict of Interests

Historical Learning Gaps

Historical Learning Gaps in students continues to be one of biggest challenges especially in our rural education ecosystem. Every year we read ASER reports and we see that a 5th grade student is unable to solve mathematical questions that a 3rd grader should or a 6th grade student is unable to read words in English that a 2nd grader ideally should. In order to bring an increased focus on this and to understand how collectively we can work to solve this, we are starting with this video series. In the first video we speak to Mainak Roy who is a founder of Simple Education Foundation. And we speak to him to find out how real is the problem and what are the various interventions which they are doing to address this. Very importantly, what it would take to scale these efforts.

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