Dinesh Kumar
June 24, 2021 

Happy Children's Day

Happy Children's Day

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Meet Lalit. Lalit studies in a government school in Rohtak. Somehow he did not find interest in the regular classroom and was therefore not performing so well academically. Naturally, post an assessment conducted by the State Government, he was given under a special care of his teachers. The teachers worked tirelessly to support Lalit. However, with not much success. Last year Lalit got to experience learning in a new way via TABLAB. He got his hands on a tablet and stories, animations intrigued him. He got interested and began coming to school more regularly. Gradually he improved. He said I could now relate much better to what teacher was teaching and what was there in my book. Today he uses his tablet to also cover his previous learning gaps and is extremely happy to enter a phase of life where he is getting better at learning and finally his teachers are also happy with him. To Lalit and to lakhs of students around the country, we wish a very Happy Children's Day. At iDream Education we are taking mobile and tablet based learning to schools and students as per their language and board preferences. TabLab has been custom designed to setup tablets in schools, government schools, CSR and NG...

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