4 Key Ways To Grow Your Dallas Business
Customers are the lifeblood of business and that is why your website and branding should be a reflection of your business. The biggest mistake that companies make is having an outdated website.

4 Key Ways To Grow Your Dallas Business

Whether you are just starting out, trying to refresh your business, or reinvigorate a slump sales, taking a closer look at your marketing strategy is a surefire way to grow your Dallas business. Many factors fall under the marketing umbrella, including logos, websites, digital ad campaigns, Instagram, and more. Dallas is one of the top U.S. cities to start a business, with a majority of them being small businesses. It’s also home to many large companies like Southwest Airlines, Dean Foods, and Frito-Lay. All it takes to sky-rocket your business is a clear-cut marketing strategy that targets these four main areas.

1. Branding – The first (and last) impression

Getting the right branding for your business is crucial in order to accurately present yourself. Potential customers rely on your logo, appearance, and packaging to make an immediate assessment of your brand. The logo is usually the first thing people pay attention to when they are introduced to a new business – make sure your logo conveys the right message, feel, and essence of your brand. Color choice, font, and images and very important when branding your company because it sets the overall tone. A good branding agency can help you!

2. Web Design – Your online welcome mat

You brand image extends to your website, where past and future customers go to learn more about your company or make purchases. A beautiful web design and layout are so necessary to keep customers interested and direct them to call-to-actions (buttons like “shop now”, “contact us” or “learn more”). Your goal is to keep customers on your website for as long as possible, so they are more likely to make a purchase or otherwise interact with your business. Even if your business is based in a brick-and-mortar store, having a solid online presence for your brand will help you reach out to more people.


3. SEO – Make a digital mark

Search engine optimization is an important tool for making your website stand out. Using researched keywords and posting relevant content on your blog are ways to drive up your ranking on search engines like google. Organically improving your Google ranking with good SEO practices can take time, but is worth it to get more visibility with your target audience. Another way to reach customers on search engines is with Google Adwords, which will pull your ad to the top of the page for your targeted keywords. Fine-tune your strategy to get the most website clicks, and ultimately more sales.

4. Social Media – Get the buzz going

Everyone is on social media – your customers, your competitors, your future customers, and probably even your mom. If your Instagram game is a little lacking, you should seriously consider investing in a dynamic social media plan that includes engaging posts, audience outreach, and even influencer partnerships. Find the right social media platform that makes the most sense for your business, and make it a priority to create an online profile that will attract and interact with your audience.