Men, Lets Talk About Beards.
Use natural skincare brands that will not affect your skin and make the damage worse.

Facial hair has elicited mixed reactions among people of different generations, religions, and races. There are those that find beards unnecessary and a nuisance while others find them attractive and even necessary. If you belong to the latter group, keep reading, you belong here.

Why should you fancy beards? What type of beard do you keep? How can you effectively take care of your beard? This article will discuss these questions and bring deeper insight to beard grooming.

·       Why you should get a beard.

Beards are trendy now, and for good reasons. They are good for aesthetics as well as protection. Have you seen men with nice beards? Women find them irresistible! This is due to the fact that beards can help define your face, accentuating your facial features while giving you an appearance of a strong jaw and chin. Moreover, a beard, being manly, gives one extra confidence. A beard can also protect you from harsh wind or harmful UV rays depending on the area of coverage and its density. That is way we have heard phrases like ‘No shave November’.

·       Types of beards.

Depending on your preference, societal influence, or the shape of your face, you can have different types of beards. There are men that prefer simple goatees while others like hipster beards. Men with oval-shaped face look better with bold beards and moustaches. Round-faced shapes look better with short-boxed beards. Either way, beards make a bold statement and show your style. It is important to note, however, that it is easier to manage a goatee or a short- boxed beard in comparison to a hipster beard.  

For the bigger beards a wooden beard comb will go a long way in grooming.


·       Beard grooming.

In as much as beards are appealing aesthetically, poor grooming habits can pose a risk of accumulating dandruff and yeast. In some situations, ingrown hair that leads to constant itching that can be a huge problem. To avoid these problems, it is wise to wash and moisturize your beard regularly. Use natural skincare brands that will not affect your skin and make the damage worse.

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