What kind of laser engraver do I need to engrave metal?
Don't make the mistake of thinking that any laser engraver will work on metal.

What kind of laser engraver do I need to engrave metal?

Don't make the mistake of thinking that any laser engraver will work on metal.

Not all laser engravers can cut metal surfaces, and you need to be aware of certain types of engravers.

Fiber-optic laser

If you are looking for a fast and efficient laser engraver, an engraver using a fiber laser engraver can do the job perfectly.

Remarkable performance in speed and ideal for laser engraving even on uncoated metals.

Carbon Dioxide/CO2 Lasers

Thanks to the laser beam, CO2 laser engravers are fast and efficient machines. It can engrave materials such as metal, plastic, stainless steel and even wood.

However, when engraving metal, I recommend choosing a CO2 laser cutter with a laser power over 150 watts.

Important Note: At 150Wh, you are already dealing with an industrial machine. Always follow safety precautions to avoid any accident or injury.

Crystal laser

Most crystal laser cutters are affordable and still get the job done.

The beauty of using crystal laser cutters is that they are light and portable and fit on most desks.

Unfortunately, you need to be careful with the type of metal you engrave. In most cases, crystal laser cutters are only suitable for coated metal surfaces.

Attention Atomstack users, there is some big news for you. On August 20th we launched a new Atomstack R30 IR fiber laser module to complement the previous model.

As you know, diode lasers are great for engraving and cutting wood, but not so good for engraving metal and plastic. Infrared fiber laser modules are especially important if you have a lot of needs in metal engraving.

Some time ago, Atomstack released a M4 laser marking machine, powered by infrared laser, but easy to carry, the working area is only 70*70mm.

It is worth mentioning that the Atomstack R30 infrared laser module is very safe and belongs to the cold light source, which will not cause damage to human skin, and will not produce fireworks during the engraving process.

Atomstack R30

Let's discuss the parameters of the Atomstack R30 infrared laser module. Its light source is an infrared fiber laser. The wavelength is 1064nm, the spot spacing is 0.03mm, and the pulse energy is 20,000Hz. At the same time, it belongs to the cold light source, which does not hurt the surface of human skin, and does not catch fire when engraving. It is a safe laser. Because it is a cold light source, you can't do anything to reduce the weight, and you can't make a hard reduction.

Applicable models:
S20 Pro, A20 Pro, X20 Pro,
X7 Pro, A10 Pro, S10 Pro, X7
A5 Pro, A5 Pro+
A5 20W, A5 M30, A5 M40,
A5 M50, A5 M50 Pro
P9 M50, P9 M40, P7 M40, P7 M30

Fiber lasers like this offer creators the additional prospect of increasing the efficiency of blue diode lasers and being able to do things they couldn't before. If you're a longtime Atomstack consumer, it's time to improve your gear and let those dense metals vibrate.