How to make a bestseller recipe book?
8 steps to know how to make a bestseller recipe book

Self-publish a recipe book,it looks very easy. In fact, make a recipe book and let it sell well is very hard.It is affected by many factors.So how to make a bestseller recipe book?

Check out below introductions to find out the answer. 

Eye-catching cover. A cookbook which most important part is the cover. When the buyers select the cookbook,his first eye is the book cover. If the cover can’t attract their attention,they will not open it and give it up. So custom a best-selling recipe book, the cover must catch the buyer's attention. When your book cover enough to grab the buyer's attention,they will stopping at your book and keep to read it. That means,most of buyers will choose to buy your cookbook.


2. The selection of inner paper. At present,most of self-publishers will choose coated paper and matte paper to custom recipe book. Why not use offset paper? This is because offset paper touch very suitable,but the color is a bit gloomy. The pattern is printed on the coated paper or matte paper is very realized. Under the bright color rendering, it seems that the food is ready to come out. On the other hand,coated paper and matte paper is very solid and smooth. When the buyers read it is not easy to damage and cut the hand.

3. The printing process. Custom a bestseller recipe book,printing proceed is also a big problem. If the recipe book printing use matte lamination,it looks very high-end. But is not hot sale at the recipe book market. Because the recipe book is used at the kitchen. Matte lamination may suffer from water stains, scratches. It will have a bad influence in the heart of users. And most of people prefer bright film. So if your recipe book use bright film,which will be more popular in the recipe book market.

4. The font size of custom best-selling recipe book. Considering that the people who use the recipe book are all standing in the kitchen to read. The font size needs to be as large as possible. This way readers don't have to think about bending over to read while cooking.

5. The binding of custom recipe book. Based on my years of recipe book printing experience. I found that most of hot sale recipe book often use glue with sewing hardcover. So that the book can be perfectly opened and placed at all angles. It is convenient for readers to read at any time and any where. Even at the kitchen,it doesn't need anything to assist, it is easy to placed flat on the table. To free the reader's hands and focus on cooking.

6. Custom a beautiful bookmark. For the convenience of readers to read and record, a best-selling recipe book often customizes a beautiful bookmark.

7. Attractive and beautiful pictures. Beautiful and attractive images catch the reader's eye more than words. So when you custom a recipe book and hope it hot sale,must be sure to work hard on the pictures. If you don't have the professional designer and photographer. You do better find a professional design team to do that.

8.Cooperate with a professional printing house.This is very important. Because it is related to the quality of your recipe book printing. If the quality is not good,then the recipe book can't sales well.Recipe book printing is in our DNA. Chinaprinting4u have more than 20 years of experience in book printing industry. No matter what types of books you want to make,we can meet your needs. We had been help thousands of clients custom their recipe book. Due to high-quality, their book sold well at the local market and overseas market. If you want to custom a high-quality recipe book and want it sales well,why not choose us?