we can assist you with commercial sign services, whether you are a small store or a big brand in Charlotte, NC.

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BlueFire Signs & Graphics is a well-known commercial sign company in Charlotte, NC. We can help any business with a wide range of signage services. We can design, make, and put up any sign you need.

Business signs are the best way to convey your message, give directions, and give information. They build your brand's image and can stay in people's minds for a long time.

So, you know who to call if you are a new business or an established enterprise looking for commercial signs for your company.


Acrylic Signs

If you're considering a new sign, you want one that can handle whatever the environment throws. In addition, you want something durable, resistant to wear and tear, and cost-effective but easy to customize.

That's where acrylic signs can help. We've got a great line of acrylic signs that are perfect for any business or organization looking to make a statement. This is where to start if you're in the market for a new logo sign, event poster, or classroom banner.

Lobby Signs

At first glance, your lobby signs may seem like a throwback to the days when you were still figuring out how to build your business. But what if you can choose a simple, elegant lobby sign to help your brand stand out?

We've got just the thing for you! Our new [product name] is a digital, multi-functional signage system that provides instant brand awareness. So, when customers walk into your lobby, they'll see an engaging list of features—all of which act as way finders for them as they try to find their way around your building. And then, when they get to where they need to be, they'll know exactly where to go!

Business Signs

Our business signs are designed to solve problems and provide value. They'll help you reach the right audience, communicate clearly and efficiently, and make your business stand out. And since they're made from high-quality materials, they'll last for years of use and maybe even generations.

It's time to stop worrying about what kind of sign to buy and start getting ahead with our various durable materials.

Custom Signs

You name it, and we do it for you. Custom sign services at Blue Fire Signs are the ultimate way to get whatever you want or need, even if you need to know whether something like that is what we offer. We take custom orders very seriously and try to understand your specific requirements. So, whether you want a mix of materials or intricate details, we are up for it.

Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays

POP Displays are specially designed to ensure that your products stand out from the rest of your store. They're irregularly shaped and have visually appealing pictures—meaning more attention for every product! That's why we provide POP display services: so that you can give your customers what they want at a price that fits within your budget.

Lenticular Wall Displays

Lenticular displays are a great way to advertise your business, which is made possible by placing a lens on top of a print so that the image has an illusion of depth or moves or changes whenever you watch the image from different angles. Let us know about your wish for lenticular displays, and we will find your ideas on how and what.

Fleet Graphics

Fleet Graphics are perfect for businesses that need large-scale graphics but need the means to handle the installation themselves. Fleet's high-quality adhesive vinyl graphics stick to the car and last for years, yet are easy to remove and replace whenever you want. In addition, Fleet has a 24/7 promotion team dedicated to promoting your business on social media, so your car will always be in front of potential customers.


BlueFire Signs & Graphics offers signage solutions to businesses for their office building, lobbies, meeting area, and common area. We are well-equipped to handle big projects and bulk requirements.

Over many decades, we have earned the trust of countless clients by providing them with high-quality commercial signs in Charlotte, NC. So, we can assist you with commercial sign services, whether you are a small store or a big brand in Charlotte, NC. Your commercial sign project will be delivered on time and without any delays, thanks to our team of experienced professionals.

To order commercial signs, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at (202) 609-9797 and Get a Free Quote. You can submit the inquiry form and wait for a response from our representative. We are well-equipped to handle your requirement and will be happy to hear from you.