The difference of traditional &digital printing
The difference between digital printing and traditional printing:1. Different printing sizes;2, the number of printing is different;3. Different China printing methods;4. Advantages and disadvantages of traditional printing and digital printing

What's difference of traditional & digital printing?

  Digital printing is one of the popular technologies in Chinese printing field in recent years. It is an integrated printing, which is directly output by a computer and can be printed in a short time. However, traditional printing requires plate making before printing can be completed. So how to distinguish between digital printing and traditional printing?


  The difference between digital printing and traditional printing


  1. Different printing sizes

  Digital printing: The printing format of digital printing is 464mmx320mm, and the printable format is within 310x444mm.

  Traditional printing: Heidelberg printing can print within 710x1020mm of the bootable format. Generally speaking, traditional printing machines that can print digital printing can print.


  2, The number of printing is different

  Digital printing: One sheet is printed, and each sheet can be printed with different content and less commonly used options.

  Traditional printing: batch printing, each sheet is the same content. There are certain requirements for plate-making and printing. Generally, more than 500 color pages are printed, more than 200 picture albums are printed, and more than 200 business cards are printed. The most cost-effective number.


  3. Different China printing methods

   Digital printing does not require plate making. After the imposition is completed, it can be printed directly. The imposition before printing - on-machine printing - post-processing production.

   After the traditional printing prepress imposition is completed, it is necessary to make a CTP version, a set of CMYK four-color version, and then perform batch printing, prepress imposition - making CTP version - on-machine printing - post-processing production.

  4. Advantages and disadvantages of traditional printing and digital printing:

  (1) Digital printing: no plate / no contact, less environmental pollution, no plate-making cost, direct output from computer, flexible and changeable, suitable for small batch and variable printing. Disadvantages: When large-scale printing is required, the printing cost is higher than traditional printing due to the current slow printing speed.




  (2)Traditional printing; the technology is mature, high-speed printing can be achieved, and the cost of mass printing is low. Disadvantages: It needs a complete set of plate-making equipment and skilled plate-making technicians. Plate-making and printing are easy to make mistakes because they cannot cooperate well, especially the color separation and color correction processes.


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