A Flawless Accounting Management Solution
Handling accounts and finance operations is quite challenging for all businesses regardless of size.

Manage and Control All Accounting Activities


Handling accounts and finance operations is quite challenging for all businesses regardless of size. The most crucial job of the finance department is to record the accounting data accurately and keep a tab on each record. In other words, having accurate data on customer invoices, vendor bills, employee expenses, and other records is essential. Whether you are a small business, medium-scale company, or large enterprise, having smart accounting software is necessary. You can find multiple accounting solutions in the market and one of the best ones is Odoo ERP. It has multiple modules including robust accounting software, sales, purchase, inventory, manufacturing, mass mailing solution mobile platform, and so on. This business management solution can be used on-premise, or in the cloud as well as it has a smart mobile application platform. 


The mobile application solution is best for all kinds of business as it encompasses all the Odoo apps including sales, inventory, manufacturing, human resource, accounting, mass mailing solution mobile apps, and so on. Moreover, small companies, startups, medium-sized businesses, or large enterprises, of them can use Odoo mobile applications. The best thing about these apps is that they can be modified and enhanced as per the client's requirements and business flows. The Odoo accounting management software mobile app helps businesses in managing and track financial transactions. Whether it is earnings or expenses, all can be captured and tracked in a single place in order to make better financial decisions. Simply put, manage and keep a tab on all your accounts receivables, account payables as well as employee expenses. This accounting mobile app will surely help you control costs and increase your company's revenue.


Why Use Odoo Accounting Management Software Mobile App?


Prompt User Interface

Odoo mobile application for accounts & finance operations has a fast user interface. It will make the accounting operation smoother and faster than ever.


Eliminate Repetitive Data Entry


When you have this open-source accounting mobile app it will rescue or even eliminate the need of entering data repetitively. Integration with the sales, purchase, payroll and expense application will automate the data entry. Simply put, when a user creates the sale order, invoice, bills, payslips, and employee expenses, it will automatically enter into the accounting system. All these things will save you a lot of time and effort for your resources.


Work on The Move


When you use this open source accounting management software mobile app, it allows you to work on the move or even work from any location. As a result, your work will not hinder whether you are on the office premise or not.


Bank synchronization


This feature helps you synchronize all your bank statements automatically, moreover, automatic reconciliation will save you time & effort and ultimately enhance the reconciliation accuracy.


Budget Management


The advanced budget management feature of openERP accounting helps businesses plan budgets and track them. Also, it helps in reducing the cost and focusing on enhancing revenue. You can track the budget per project, per expense, per product, and more.