How large scale organizations with large scale customers can excel !
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Conversational interfaces are becoming increasingly popular in technology nowadays. Users communicate to their gadgets via voice, assigning chores to them like they would to a human. Text to speech solutions give devices high-quality voices, drastically altering human-machine interaction such as mobile virtual assistants, GPS navigation, and other devices which help users improve their quality of life. Text to speech is also necessary for those who have impairments or have specific requirements. 


For businesses that use Contact Center solutions, especially text to speech solutions, calls to customers can get more personalized where the voice bots can speak things like, your name, number, credit card number, account balances etc, creating an intuitive consumer experience without the need for a voice actor to dictate every word or phrase. 


Another feature to enhance customer experience is IVR calling software which is an AI-powered software that can recognise natural language and combine speech in order to converse with people. Voice bots may automate call campaigns for a variety of reasons, enter data into your CRM, and route calls to the proper people. To put it another way, they are machines that can speak like people and accomplish jobs in a highly efficient and timely manner. They don't make mistakes and don't require as much rest as live agents do. The main feature of any IVR calling software is the ability to provide the flexibility for customers to browse and choose from a plethora of dynamic options and even have a conversational voicebot to interact with customers. 


With SlashRTC’s text to speech features, you can enable your IVR calling software to make more intuitive calls with greater number of details and information like order status and account information, appointment details, service requests, customer service survey questions, and more. This helps streamline the calling process while ensuring that you collect accurate caller information. Large scale organisations need to make it possible for customers to get in touch with them with greater ease whilst almost maintaining a crisp after sales customer service experience. The above-mentioned points in this article can help achieve just that in the most efficient manner for all large-scale organisations with large scale customer outreach.


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