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We are a client-centric & work enthusiastic IT company having years of working experience for multiple clients on AI, IOT, Cloud, Mobile App, Custom Software and many more projects.

SearchingYard: A top software company in India

Nowadays we are surrounded by software, in the world more than 5 billion people are using mobile phone & the operating system of the mobile is nothing but a piece of software. Hardware without software is like a vehicle without petrol, that can’t move even an inch. For the smooth functioning of any business, you need software to operate every business activity through it. SearchingYard is a top software company in India. 


Importance of software in business-


The software makes the complex operation of business easy. It makes various operations of the business automated. Business software can perform word processing, payroll, inventory control functions & many more. The software helps in reducing workload, eliminating human error & enhancing the effectiveness & level of accuracy


A business only sustains when it makes profits. In this digital era, if you are not doing online marketing then you can’t generate leads & without leads, you can’t run a business. So online marketing is the future of marketing. But now the question arises what is the relationship between online marketing & software? For promoting your business you must need an app & online platform irrespective of the size & nature of the business. Having a well-designed platform can generate huge revenue.




Why SearchingYard-


 SearchingYard is a top software company in India having years of work experience in AI, IoT, cloud, mobile app, customer software & many more. We have highly skilled developers who deliver projects before the deadlines. we have more than 4 years of work experience & we have developed more than 100 apps so far. We are not only serving in India but also in UAE, USA, UK, Australia & Zambia & we have more than 500 happy clients worldwide.

We provide various services related to software development as mentioned below:



Mobile Application Development


We have a highly capable team to develop a mobile application that works on correspondence, help & eventually generates income. We provide various services on application development such as IOS app development, android app development, native app development, hybrid app development, AI app development & enterprise mobility management.


Custom Application Development-


We utilize present-day advanced approaches like Agile & DevOps to speed up an opportunity to market your application with an attention on conveying amazing edge programming arrangements. We provide various services on custom application development such as custom development solutions, software product development, application maintenance services, legacy app migration, Enterprise app integration & MPV/POC development.




Web application Development-


We have a lot of web application benefits that take into account all your business needs. Our highly skilled developers are dedicated to delivering custom web application development. We provide various services on web application development such as custom web development, E-commerce development, enterprise web development, third party integration & customization, software product development, front end & back end development.  


Besides software development, we provide various services such as CMS, SAP, AI & ML, IIOT, AR & VR & Cloud.




Without the help of software or apps, no business can grow irrespective of size & nature. So get your app developed & grow your business. Contact searching yard for the same. SearchingYard is the best software company in India.