10 Basic Types of Websites
This article is about to basic types of website. Every business need website for their online presence but they have to choose that which specific type of website they need . So , this article gives some clarity about website types and their benefits for businesses.

In today’s digital space, the internet is flooding with lots and lots of websites to accomplish one perspective- ‘To Reach out to the Mass Audience.’ All are competing to gain user attention and generating leads. When you have decided to make a website, you need to figure out what types of websites you want it to be.


If you want to stand out from the crowd and reach out to potential audiences, you will have to create a website.  Different types of websites you can create for your business,

1. E-Commerce Website

2.Magazine Websites

3.Personal Blog

4. Business Website

5.Non Profit website

6. Social Media Websites

7. Blog Websites

8. Entertainment Website

9.Forum Websites

10.Small Business Websites