AI Tech Park Interview with Ritukar Vijay, CEO, Ottonomy
Ritukar Vijay, CEO and Founder of Ottonomy shares his views on the future of robotics in a sustainable frame.

Ritukar Vijay, CEO and Founder of Ottonomy shares his views on the future of Robotics in a sustainable frame.

1. Tell us about your journey becoming the CEO of Ottonomy Inc. and why the name Ottonomy?

Before founding Ottonomy, Inc., I had 14 years of experience from my time in theautonomous driving and robotics space. With more than 57+ patents and research papers in robotics, autonomous driving, and Human-Robot Interaction, I led and contributed to projects including Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Warehousing Robotics, ADAS, and most recently led Aptiv’s effort for BMWs Urban Autopilot in 2019-2020.

2. Recently, Ottonomy was recognized as Sustainability Product of the Year in 2021. How do you feel about Sustainability and Robotics in the same picture?

Ottonomy.IO manufactures electric and autonomous robots that ensure a reduction in carbon footprint in a significant way for both curbside and last-mile deliveries. Above all, our robots are set to reduce carbon emissions and improve quality of life starting in the airport, retail, and restaurant industry.

3. How did you define the vision for Ottonomy Inc and how was the initial phase when you started the company?

While working in the domain of the fully autonomous vehicle, the founding team realized that autonomous cars will take some good time to hit the mainstream and we decided to use our expertise to solve the current generation’s problems and that delivering goods faster, cheaper, and more efficiently becomes one of the most critical needs for current times

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