Beacon Technology
“IoT is not considered as a concept rather it is a network, which is true technology enabled networks of all networks.”

Bluetooth  beacons are the small chunks of hardware and uses radio signals for sending an alert of having it’s presence. Simple Radio signals are been transmitted continuously, which are been picked up by the smart phones via Low Energy Bluetooth. Certain actions can be triggered by the smart phones using a app which is beacon compatible and also allows the people, things and places to get connected easily and indirectly with the internet.

Because of the simple protocol, there is universal compatibility of beacons with the smart phones and for improving the user experience and productivity more established connections are used, which are considered to be the key element of the Internet of Things. More new world of connectivity possibilities are enabled by the beacon technology and uncountable opportunities for the interacting activities between the mobile devices and the hardware. Having a beacon network, allows the mobile device or platforms to get connected with the users.

Here are some of the areas where beacon technology is frequently used :

  1. Travel
  2. Health
  3. Real estate
  4. Entertainment
  5. Food
  6. Education
  7. Retail
  8. Automation

Beacon Technology in the enterprise

The possibilities of the beacon technology on the enterprise level are being amazed. As carrying smart phones by the employees on the work floor is increasing, as consumer level quality is being expected in the enterprise. This technology and system near these beacon technologies allows you to get what actually they want.

During a complete new day suddenly now the employees are able to connect with their enterprises. Taking up the easy example now badges are no more needed. The office door can be opened automatically through the  beacon technology established at the office door. Due to the beacon technology which is being installed in the rooms can now be able to connect with the persons being entering into the rooms and making it possible to customize according to their preferences.

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