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Top 10 Schools in Noida - Javatpoint

Noida, or New Okhla Industrial Development Area as it is more commonly known, is a city that has seen a significant transformation over the last 30 years. The number of good schools has expanded in lockstep with population expansion.

With time, ten schools have emerged as the best schools in Noida, distinguishing themselves from the rest of the cluster. After examining and analyzing many lists made by organizations specializing in educational institute evaluations, this list was created. Here is the list of the top 10 ranked best schools in Noida.

Learners International School tries to improve education by concentrating on the issues that students issue the most. It is the brainchild of a group of dedicated educators who have spent decades creating and directing some of the country's most famous institutions. The I.B. and Cambridge accredit the school. The school now educates kids from Pre-Nursery to Grade V under the Cambridge Assessment International Education program. The International Baccalaureate (I.B. Board) will serve as the senior curriculum, and it will eventually serve students up to Grade XII.

The school employs a cutting-edge educational approach known as LEEP (Learners Education Evolution Programme), underpinned by International Curricula and consists of seven delivery verticals that give students a well-rounded education. The educational model adheres to international guidelines.

Step by Step School is one of the first schools on this list. The school was established in 1992 to offer a high-quality education to youngsters. It is a CBSE-affiliated school recognized as one of Noida's best. In 2017, Education World named it India's number one coeducational school, and in 2018, it was ranked as the number three coeducational school.

Step by Step is a CBSE-accredited school that offers Kindergarten through Class 12 programs. Step by Step School's mission is to balance academics and extracurricular activities, and the 10-acre campus is equipped with all of the necessary amenities to accomplish this.

Students attend Genesis Global School (GGS), both a day and a residential school. They provide world-class education by combining technology, culture, and innovation. Students in grades one through twelve attend Genesis Global School, which started in 2010. Primary classrooms follow the Primary Years Programme of the I.B. board. Students in grades 6-8 can choose between the CBSE syllabus or the I.B. Middle Year Programme. Standards 9 and 10 come after the IGCSE paper. The CBSE curriculum is followed in grades 11 and 12, with the possibility of gaining an I.B. diploma. The school is a Wi-Fi-enabled establishment. It includes both e-classrooms and a multimedia library with many titles. It also has computerized labs that satisfy international standards. At the School, students have access to a world-class sports infrastructure. It meets almost all international standards. On-campus, there is an air-conditioned multi-sports indoor complex. Three sports fields are accessible, including basketball and squash courts, tennis, badminton, a shooting range, and a horse-riding arena. A 50-meter Olympic-size swimming pool and a 400-meter athletic track are part of the 1,10,000-square-foot facility.

Shiv Nadar is a coeducational CBSE-affiliated school. It is a franchise of the Shiv Nadar Foundation, which HCL Enterprise's Founder and Chairman own. The school has over 1500 students from kindergarten to grade 12. Shiv Nadar School Noida received the 2018 Global Innovative School Award. The school succeeded in impacting academic performance, cultural inclusion, social awareness, and technology use. Admissions are available for all classes during the year, either on-campus or through the school's website.

Shiv Nadar School is a venture of the Shiv Nadar Foundation in urban K12 private education to foster ethical, courteous, happy, and meaningful people. The school greets students gradually, adheres to an immersive culture, and integrates technology into its instructional processes, emphasizing sports and the arts.

Pathways School was founded in 2010 and is located in Sector 100 of Noida. The school has quickly developed a reputation, with Education World naming it the sixth-best School in Noida as early as 2016. Cambridge University in the United Kingdom and the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) in Geneva are affiliated with the school.

The 10-acre campus is equipped with the most up-to-date amenities for student development. Science labs and sports facilities are also of excellent quality. From Nursery to 12th grade, Pathways has lessons for the students. The objective of the school is to develop a community of future leaders.

Delhi Public School is a CBSE-accredited coeducational day school. It is a member of the DPS network of schools and is considered one of its best. The school was named the 73rd best school in India and the 9th best School in Noida by Education World in 2018. It was established in 1982 and served students in grades pre-kindergarten to twelve.

It has all of the amenities one would expect from a DPS school, including a swimming pool and an auditorium on the 10-acre campus.

Amity International School was formed in 1994 by the Ritvand Balved Education Foundation. It is associated with the CBSE. It is part of the Amity group of schools and is one of India's highly ranked institutions. It was regarded as the 20th best School in India by Education World in 2017, and aggregator sites like School My Kids consistently ranked it as one of the best schools in Noida. Amity International has a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:17, allowing each student on its list to receive individual attention. The massive 15-acre campus is divided into six wings based on the schedule of classes. In addition to all of the usual amenities that one would expect from a resort, the property has a shooting range and a separate Karate Hall.

Amity Global School, Noida is a coeducational, day boarding English medium School that strives to help students develop their physical and spiritual potential by encouraging them to learn concepts rather than memorize facts. They seek to develop compassionate and socially responsible persons by providing a sound educational program attentive to the multicultural ethos. Amity Global School ensures that each student has abundant opportunity to be a keen inquirer, an effective communicator, and a student who improves their academic, social, and sporting skills, resulting in a well-balanced personality.

Lotus Valley International School, located in New Delhi, is a CBSE-accredited day boarding school. The institution, located in Sector 126, began with only 73 students in 2008. The school now has roughly 2750 students in grades Pre-primary to 12th. Lotus Valley is the only place in the world where you may take the Cambridge International Young Learners' English Test (YLE) (U.K.). The British Council's Key English Test and Primary English Test are also included. The school's primary goal is to teach each student as an individual. On the large 12.5-acre property, pre-primary, primary, and senior wings have been erected. The school auditorium can accommodate up to 1200 students at any given moment. Other notable elements of the site include a skating rink and a bowling alley. The institution has both an outdoor and an indoor swimming pool. The entire campus is air-conditioned and is constantly monitored by CCTV cameras.

Billabong High International is a CBSE-affiliated coeducational day school with bus transportation. It is a Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd (KKEL) division, which operates franchise schools in 40 cities across five countries, including India. Ms Lina Ashar founded the school in 1993, and it has risen in popularity since then. The institution educates kids from kindergarten to class XII. A well-equipped multimedia lab, science lab, math lab, library, clubs, other facilities, and toddler day-care.

The school is also constantly monitored, with 115 cameras strategically positioned throughout the grounds to ensure the safety of the students, as well as R.O. water and a restaurant. In the Times School Survey 2017, the school was ranked #4 in the Challenger Schools category, and it has garnered numerous other distinctions. The primary purpose of the school is to provide abundant opportunities for students to develop their creativity, learning curves, reasoning abilities, and scientific temperaments.

The Apeejay School, part of the Apeejay Education School Chain, was founded in 1981 by Dr Satya Paul. The CBSE board is affiliated with the institution, which offers classes from kindergarten to 12th grade. Apeejay is divided into four blocks: pre-primary, primary, middle, and senior, and is spread out on a 15-acre campus. All of the classes have been digitized to enhance the learning experience. The school also includes a massive theatre with a space to accommodate up to 1500 students at a time. Apart from that, all necessary sporting facilities have been provided.








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R Programming


React Native

Python Design Patterns

Python Pillow

Python Turtle




Verbal Ability

Interview Questions

Company Questions

Artificial Intelligence



Cloud Computing



Data Science

Angular 7



Machine Learning



Data Structures


Operating System

Computer Network

Compiler Design

Computer Organization

Discrete Mathematics

Ethical Hacking

Computer Graphics

Software Engineering

Web Technology

Cyber Security


C Programming






Control System

Data Mining

Data Warehouse

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