20 useful words and phrases for your essay
As students enter college, they’re expected to do better at essays. Professors want their students’ essays to be professional and error-free, so there’s a higher standard for A’s now than it was in high school!

As students enter college, they’re expected to do better at essays. Professors want their students’ essays to be professional and error-free, so there’s a higher standard for A’s now than it was in high school!

Don’t get scared! We’ve all been there as we upgrade to higher education, our efforts need an upgrade too. This means that you have to be better at using vocabulary and enhancing your vocabulary is a must.

The secret recipe of a well put essay isn’t about using big fancy words; it's about using the words at the right place, in the appropriate context. If the word does not make sense, no matter how fancy it is, there is no point in using that word.

This piece is all about useful words and phrases that we can use in our essays. When I wasn’t good at essay writing, I always took help from someone to write my essay for me. Eventually, I learned how to write essays and my vocabulary also got enhanced.

Transition words and phrases are important to convey the message in such a way that an essay looks well-written and effective. You don’t want readers to get bored of repetition and poorly structured essays.

That also doesn’t mean that you can add fillers. Nope, your essay should meet the standard of a good essay. How well you structure your essay, depends on the words you use in it. Your words will only be effective if you use them in such a way that the essay looks interesting.

Here is a list of some important words that you can also use to compose your essay:

For emphasis

  •       Indeed, the writer has…
  •       In particular, this stance is flawless because…
  •       Clearly, the writer did not know…
  •       Definitely, I’d take…
  •       It should be noted…

For addition and contrast

  •       Furthermore,
  •       Along with,
  •       Besides,
  •       Moreover
  •       Apart from this
  •       Unlike
  •       While we are comparing these two ideas,
  •       Whereas, the author in this article suggests,
  •       Despite doing hard work...
  •       Conversely
  •       On contrary, traditional classes are

You can also hire an online essay writer if you think writing is not your cup of tea.

Other useful phrases that you use to convey your message are:

  •       Let us start by pointing out
  •       The novel deals with
  •       The character XYZ. emphasizes

These are all for developing your argument when you are writing the essay. For arguing or taking the other side of the argument, you must use phrases like:

It would also be interesting to see the other side….

And for the conclusion:

. The arguments presented in the essay suggest that….

. I want to conclude by saying….

These are some of the examples that I wanted to share with you guys. I am sure this must be of great help and when you have a good vocabulary, the options of words for your essay are endless. You can write an essay in several ways without losing the essence of it.

As I have mentioned earlier, I wasn’t good at writing essays so, there was always an essay writer that would help me with the composition of essays. You can incorporate adding evidence to your essay in the body paragraphs to support your arguments.

Linking verbs are also very helpful in constructing unique sentences. You can also critique others’ work in ways that you have never imagined. All of this is only possible if you are a habitual reader and you have learned to pick up new vocabulary.

You need to read up on how to write essays using the techniques I have mentioned above if you are still not getting my point.

But, don’t worry, everyone once encounters this phase when their vocabulary is limited and they cannot do anything except for showing frustration. I did that too because, in no way, I would have written perfect essays in one go.

I asked for help shamelessly and you can do that too. Getting help and learning is better than not doing anything and still fearing the outcome.

Why are you scared when you haven’t even tried? The best strategy is to give it a go. You will make some mistakes but you will learn.

I have used this one essay writing service in the past to get help and also, I wanted someone to proofread what I have written, so these services are of great help in this regard. It’s a fact that you won’t get an A on a poorly written essay but your teacher might appreciate you for at least trying it yourself.

Hence, keep trying and never back off. When I learned that you can use, “I believe that, I suggest that, I emphasize that, the argument, however”, I was thrilled because I started realizing that my vocabulary was finally getting better.

I put so much effort into learning new words and phrases such as, “To illustrate this point, it is evident from this research, considering the above facts”. These are a few of the phrases that I picked up reading blogs online.

Reading articles and blogs have helped me in enhancing my vocabulary. Trust me, it’s all worth it in the end. I suggest you start learning now because the moment you enter college, you are expected to write efficiently.

Professors would question your years of learning, so make sure that you don’t give them the chance to point that out. It’s not that hard increasing your vocabulary; you just have to give some time daily to learn new useful phrases.

Don’t worry if you are slow in memorizing phrases, just make sure that you memorize ten words or phrases daily and at the end of the week, you will know that you have made a considerable improvement.

Trust me, you will do great in essay writing as soon as you start expanding your vocabulary!

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