How to maintain your Hermès handbags safely:
Every outfit needs accessories, requiring extra care, especially your jewelry, purses, and shoes.

Every outfit needs accessories, requiring extra care, especially your jewelry, purses, and shoes. You should give your bags some gentle, loving care away from the scuffs, creases, and stains that are starting to ruin them. If you continue to use your bags with these creases and stains, they will gradually deteriorate and become damaged. Everybody regrets forgetting to take care of their bags once in a while. So how do you maintain your Hermes Kelly 25 bag in top shape for so long? The following guidance may help you maintain your Hermès bag:

Keep away from rain or water:

Rain and water should be avoided because they damage your Hermes bag. Water will make the leather blister, expand, and create unsightly stains, decreasing the leather's value as a resale item. Don't bring your Hermes Birkin 30 bag if you expect rain. In your treasured Hermes bag, always put a raincoat bag. Simple plastic bags will do in the absence of a raincoat.  

Avoid direct sunlight when storing: 

When not in use, keep your Hermes Kelly 28 bag at room temperature and out of the sun. Your Hermes shouldn't be more exposed to full-time direct sunshine than you would. Keep in mind that Hermes leather is skin, and prolonged exposure to heat or sunlight will have negative effects. It may destroy. Keep your bag in its original packaging while not in use, preferably with the dust bag still attached.

A little wipe-down is needed:

Spend a little time with it when you and your Hermes bag get home for the day. The earlier you locate and eliminate any impurities, the less impact they will have on your interior. Take everything out and inspect the interior. Use a fresh, dry towel to clean your Hermès bag's exterior.

Final thoughts:

Hermes Birkin 35 bag are more appropriately described as wearable pieces of art and utter perfection, which is why they are so pricey. So please treat it with respect and maintain it properly.