Shahdara Flyover Lahore
CM inaugurates Shahdara Multi-Level Flyover | Punjab CM Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi inaugurated Lahore's construction and expansion projects

Shahdara Flyover

Shahdara Flyover Opening Date

On Monday, 16 January, Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi inaugurated Lahore’s construction and expansion projects. CM inaugurates Shahdara Multi-Level Flyover.

1:Punjab CM Inaugurates Shahdara Multi-Level Flyover in Lahore.

Punjab CM inaugurates Shahdara Multi-Level Flyover. The Shahdara flyover is a crucial project to improve public transportation in the city.

He stated. The Punjab administration has worked for the province’s people, and its numerous drives are visible in the region.

He stated that the government utilized all the funds to benefit the citizens.

What Is Flyover?

Flyover roads are a type of road built on the flyover of an existing roadway. The flyover road allows for faster and more efficient travel by providing a direct path from one end of the highway to the other. Flyover roads can use for various purposes, such as accommodating high-speed traffic or making it easier for emergency responders to access areas.

CM Inaugurates Shahdara Multi-Level Flyover

The CM stated that Shahdara multi-level flyover project would benefit the population.

He said that when the project would complete, it would expand and make an exit and entry route Easier.

Parvez Elahi claimed that travelers and freight vehicles would help with this convenience daily.

Shahdara Multi-Level Flyover Expects Cost.

This project could also help save gas and energy. The project will result in a reduction in smog, noise, and environmental pollution. Parvez Elahi claimed that the Shahdara multi-level flyover does expect to cost 8.90 billion rupees. 

He said the project would complete in just ten months. This project will benefit millions of people who travel on the highway Lahore-Islamabad GT Road. He stated that walkways, bridges, service roads, and drainage would also construct.

Map of Shahdara flyover


Shahdara Flyover Construction Started, and Traffic Plan Issued

The most significant traffic issues in the Lahore area will likely be solved shortly, and commuters can enjoy a smooth ride at the Shahdara Chowk. The bridge is famous for long traffic lines and congestion. The Punjab government finally began constructing the long-awaited Shahdara flyover after Lahore City Traffic Police issued an official traffic plan for the entire population.

Traffic Plan for Shahdara Flyover Construction

Police say Shahdara Chowk will be shut for traffic beginning February 18th, 2023, because of work on the flyover. “A plan has been finalized to ensure smooth traffic flow, and we request the citizens to travel as per this plan and cooperate with the wardens,” the police wrote on Twitter.

The police have also appointed extra wardens to alternate routes for three shifts. There are three alternative routes for commuters to use:

  • Commercial heavy and slow-moving vehicles originating in Kala Shah Kaku and Kala Khatai can access Lahore via the Eastern Bypass/Motorway.
  • Traffic through Faisalabad and Sheikhupura can enter Lahore through Saggian.
  • It will divert all heavy vehicles coming to Begum Kot Chowk and Kala Shah Kaku during construction.


Everyone who uses the route must adhere to this route to avoid traffic congestion and other problems. Completing this flyover will solve an enormous issue, particularly for residents of Shahdara who have to traverse the chowk daily. The project will also reduce these traffic jams’ noise, and air pollution.

Do you drive via Shahdara Chowk? Would this construction project of Shahdara Flyover help you?

Shahdara Flyover benefit to Iqbal Garden residents

Iqbal Garden is a unique residential scheme linked to the Lahore – Kala Shah Kaku Motorway, Islamabad Motorway, Sialkot Motorway, and Lahore Ring Road.

The Shahdara Flyover will benefit Iqbal Garden residents. The flyover will build to improve traffic flow and provide more access to the neighborhood. The flyover will also help to improve the quality of life for residents in the Iqbal Garden.

2:Punjab CM Inaugurates Projects Saggian Road, Sharaqpur Road

The construction and development project of the Saggian Road, Sharaqpur road was inaugurated. 

The CM stated that these projects would benefit the population. He added that this government launched development projects of 20 billion dollars in Lahore. Moreover, Mian Aslam Iqbal and Hammad Azhar fought to complete these projects. 

He said the construction and expansion plan of the Saggian Sharaqpur road cost 4.51 billion rupees. He stated that four roads were constructed in tandem and then repaired and restored by this cutting-edge project.

The CM declared that a road was constructed between Ravi Bridge and Phool Mandi Chowk. Moreover, a road will build between Phool Mandi Chowk and Lahore-Sheikhupura Road. 

A road was constructed between Phool Mandi Chowk and Faizpur Interchange, and a second road will build between Phool Mandi Chowk and Begum Kot. 

3:Lahore Benefits From Free Solar Power, Underground Blue Line Train

The government began providing gratis solar power to Lahore. Moreover, an underground blue line train is also planned to run between Data Sahib and the airport in Lahore.

As per an official report, completing the projects will develop and ease travel on the city’s entry and exit routes.