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Computer vision is a subfield of AI (Artificial Intelligence), which enables machines to derive some meaningful information from any image, video, or other visual input and perform the required action on that information. Computer vision is like eyes for an AI system, which means if AI enables the machine to think, computer vision enables the machines to see and observe the visual inputs. Computer vision technology is based on the concept of teaching computers to process an image or a visual input at pixels and derive meaningful information from it. Nowadays, Computer vision is in great demand and used in different areas, including robotics, manufacturing, healthcare, etc. In this topic, we will discuss some popular applications of Computer Vision, but before that, let's first understand some common tasks that are performed by computer vision.

As per the increasing demand for AI and Machine Learning technologies, computer vision also has a great demand among different sectors. It has a massive impact on different industries, including retail, security, healthcare, automotive, agriculture, etc. Below are some most popular applications of computer vision:

Above are some most common applications of Computer vision. Now let us discuss applications of computer vision across different sectors such as Retail, healthcare, etc.

The Healthcare industry is rapidly adopting new technologies and automation solutions, one of which is computer vision. In the healthcare industry, computer vision has the following applications:

With the enhanced demand for the transportation sector, there has occurred various technological development in this industry, and one of such technologies is Computer vision. Below are some popular applications of computer vision in the transportation industry:

In the manufacturing industry, the demand for automation is at its peak. Many tasks have already been automated, and other new technology innovations are in trend. For providing these automatic solutions, Computer vision is also widely used. Below are some most popular applications

In the agriculture sector, Machine Learning has made a great contribution with its models, including Computer vision. It can be used in areas such as crop monitoring, weather analysis, etc. Below are some popular cases of computer vision applications in Agriculture:

In the retail sector, computer vision system enables retailers to collect a huge volume of visual data and hence design better customer experiences with the help of cameras installed in stores. Some popular applications of computer vision in the retail industry are given below:








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