How Staff Augmentation Services Help Expanding IT Team At Low Cost 
Determine the type of technical resource you require to hire on an urgent basis. Accordingly, get in touch with a trusted staff augmentation company like OrangeMantra without going anywhere else.

Hiring an experienced technical talent for your ongoing or upcoming software development project could be cumbersome at times. It is due to a lack of talented resources available or an expensive permanent staffing model that you cannot result. Despite all such issues, your project deadline will remain the same, and have to complete well on time.


One of the cost-effective and easily accessible resource hiring solutions you have is staff augmentation services to engage the required talent quickly. Staff augmentation is a cost-effective resource hiring model for companies to obtain technical talent on a contract basis.


And till the time the software development project is going on. After the successful completion and deployment of the project, you can flexibly let go of the contract-based resource.


This IT staffing model allows you to increase the internal team capacity at any point in time. And that too without spending much time & effort. Completely different from IT outsourcing services, with staff augmentation, you only hire a resource, rather than giving the complete project to an external team.


What is the staff augmentation service model?


Staff augmentation is an external tech-talent hiring model that allows a particular company to hire a resource to fill the necessary internal gap. But that too on a short-term and temporary basis. There is nothing like hiring a permanent IT resource and managing the same as well.


A reliable staff augmentation company helps you avail of the service of readily available technical resources to provide new knowledge and additional hands to your existing team. This particular model helps you hire talent with proficiency in the required technology along with years of experience to meet your project requirements.


Most commonly, with the help of IT staff augmentation services, you have the flexibility to hire developers, UI/UX designers, DevOps experts, Quality Analysts, Technical Writers, Business development experts, and other required resources.


In short, whenever you experience the dire need for a technical resource to become part of your team temporarily, simply rely on the staff augmentation resource hiring model.



Why do enterprises hire resources through staff augmentation?


In general, companies rely on augmenting technical staff members when they experience a scarcity of resources. Especially when a crucial technical project is running over the head. That's where reliable staff augmentation companies come to fulfill your dire resource needs with ease.



With the help of the resource augmentation model, enterprises can expand owing to the following few reasons.


· Hire specific technical experts: Expand your team when you lack specific expertise with the required proficiency in any of the innovative technology like AI, AWS Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, DevOps, IoT, or any other. With the help of the augmentation model, avail of the relevant technical resource quickly to bring new knowledge and expertise to the existing team. 

· Ensure a controlled development team: One of the differences between staff augmentation and IT outsourcing is control. In the augmentation model, the external resource will be under your control to perform a particular set of duties and become an integrated part of your existing team. With that means, you have complete control over the augmented talent to manage work and overall operations. 

· Meet project deadlines: Meeting project deadlines has always been an issue for companies when the internal resources are not enough to finish the work on time. And of course, missed project deadlines will create a negative impact on your clients. To solve the dilemma, rely on staff augmentation experts to provide you with the required resource that ultimately helps in delivering the project well on time. 

· Experience fast resource hiring: To expand, hire fast with the simplest means of staff augmentation services. Find the selected choice of particular technology-equipped candidates with the help of an external outsourcing company. And quickly start the development work with no further delay. 



What is the process flow of hiring a resource on contract?


Now that you know how can you expand your internal technical team with the help of cost-effective and reliable staff augmentation services? Concerning the same, look at the process flow of this external contract-based tech talent hiring services.


· First, determine the type of technical resource you require to hire on an urgent basis. Accordingly, get in touch with a trusted staff augmentation company like OrangeMantra without going anywhere else.

· The next step lies in starting integrating the hired contract-based resource as part of your existing technical team.

· Start working on meeting project deadlines by working with optimum efficiency and technical expertise gathered from every single member.

· After the successful completion of the project, scale down the resources and scale up whenever you feel required of the same.



Concluding Thoughts 


IT staff augmentation is an affordable, fast, efficient, and simple way to find & hire the required technical resource for the time being. A contract-basis resource hiring model helps meet the project requirements, and ensure timely completion, and that too without incurring too much cost. Concerning the same, rely on the result-oriented staff augmentation services of OrangeMantra to meet your requirement with ease and comfort.