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It is found that people usually look for VPN to protect their privacy and access blocked websites anonymously. People maintain their privacy while performing internet activities. But most VPNs are paid services, and free VPNs are some limitations (slow down speed). However, you can get similar features (accessing blocked websites and other web content anonymously) using proxy browser apps for Android.

Proxy browsers come with integrated VPN features that hide your privacy and allow browsing, even blocked websites. Proxy browser internally runs the inbuilt VPN server to mask your location and gives a safe browsing experience. It is suggested to use the Proxy browser while using a public Wi-Fi network to encrypt your network data automatically.

Using a proxy browser, you can bypass your geo-location, and no one will be able to know your current location from where you are accessing sites. These browsers also act as a private search engine and do not track your search quarry or data and mark them secure. One of the best things about proxy browsers for Android is most of them are free and provide good browsing speed. This article illustrates the best proxy browser apps for Android and their features.

Proxynel is a proxy browser for Android that comes with an inbuilt proxy server and claims it can unblock all websites. It has a feature that can dynamically change the device's IP address to secure your data when you access it. It routes your traffic via multiple server locations like the UK, France, USA, etc., so that no footprints are left behind.

You can access any blocked or unblocked website from any country location by hiding your detail. The browser is not even tracking you to keep your privacy, and all your internet activities are private and anonymous.

You can even turn ON and OFF the proxy feature to use it as a proxy browser or normal browser. You don't need to configure anything manually, and everything is ready to use. It is one of the most popular and widely used proxy browser apps for Android that can analyze by seeing its 4.3 Google play rating and more than 10000k installed.

Some of the features of Proxynel are:

Download Proxynel for Android

Private Brower with VPN is another best proxy browser with a built-in VPN server to secure your web activity. It provides a revolutionary web surfing solution with its unique, easy-to-use user interface.

Private Browser has more than 400 servers from 70 different locations, making it possible to access any website from any country's server. You can select any server for any country to hide your actual location. Its SSL data encryption feature provides more secure browsing while accessing blocked websites. Private Browser gave a secure platform to browse online activities by supporting various encryption methods.

Features of Private Browser are:

Download the Private Browser app for Android

It is another top-rated (4.6 rating from 75k+ users) proxy browser for Android that can unblock websites by changing your IP address and accessing them. It offers a safe and fast browsing feature and keeps users private and anonymous. The app contains a "do not track" track mode that blocks trackers from keeping their eyes on you. It also does not store any log files. It includes various features such as a built-in US proxy, supports Chrome browser, incognito mode that clears all browsing history after closing the app, etc. You can access unlimited data without any restriction.

Download UPX: Unblock Sites VPN Browser app for Android device

It is another good proxy browser app that doesn't require mobile having root to run it. You can unblock various websites anonymously that are blocked from any connection (Wi-Fi or data connection) by keeping your privacy safe. Proxy Browser for Android app is free to use and browse the internet that hides your actual IP address. You can use any country proxy server to get a new identity with this browser.

This proxy browser comes with inbuilt proxy VPN support, which is light and provides good browsing speed. All its user experience is excellent and fast.

Some of its popular features are:

Unblock sites by accessing the proxy server from a different proxy IP address.

Contain private mode for browsing safe without storing cache.

Access the website and stay anonymous via proxy IPs.

Contain downloading feature.

Download Proxy Browser for Android

It is technically a VPN proxy app with an innovative inbuilt browser that allows setting up a proxy server and browsing the internet activity. It acts as a website unblocker app for Android and keeps your browsing safe and private. If you face difficulties while accessing the web portal, you can overcome obstacles using Unblock Websites - a VPN proxy app bypassing the geo-location. For example, if your current location is a US resident, you can bypass your location and access the Australian site using this app.

One of the disadvantages of its free plan is that it contains lots of ads. Use its paid version if you want to access and take an ads-free browser.

Download Unblock Websites - VPN Proxy App for Android

Aloha Browser is a proxy browser app for Android that offers unlimited VPN free to its users. It is one of the top proxy browsers that facilitate full-featured internet activities without compromising speed. It keeps all your web activities private and secure. The app also offers several other features such as an ad-blocker, VR player, data saver mode, download facility, security, privacy, etc. The app never stores any of your data, and they never share it with anyone. You can browse any website anonymously using its VPN service. Aloha browser also unblocks the website and allows problem-free access.

Aloha proxy browser is also available in its premium version with additional features, but you have to pay for it for around $2.99 per month. Aloha premium proxy browser lets you select VPN country, choose a theme, file sharing via Wi-Fi, etc.

Download the Aloha Browser app for Android

Hola Free VPN proxy is another full-featured proxy browser for Android that you can keep on your list. As the name suggests, you can browse any website freely from any location, and it doesn't compromise with speed and gives you fast browsing speed. The app offers various countries' VPN servers to access web content by changing your IP address. While using the Hola VPN proxy browser, your detail is hidden, and you will access them anonymously. Even the VPN service provider does not collect your data.

Features of Hola VPN Proxy

Download the Hola VPN Proxy app

It is a free VPN proxy browser for Android that unblock websites and gives an intelligent browsing experience without compromising the speed. It keeps all your internet activities private, encrypts your internet traffic, and unblocks websites, including social networks. This VPN proxy browser changes your IP address without any settings and allows you to browse anonymously. You can access only some of its VPN servers for free. For more, you have to pay to use them. VPN proxy browser claims that they keep no logs of your web browsing activities for your privacy, security, and protection.

Some of its popular features are:

Provides excellent security by changing your IP address, hiding web activities, keeps safe from trackers.

It allows unblocking websites and access with high-speed bandwidth.

Both VPNs are available, free and paid.

Turn off proxy to use it as normal web surfing.

Download Unblock site VPN proxy browser app for Android

Orbot is a free proxy browser app for Android that gives a real private browsing experience. The app protects the user from their activity tracking. It encrypts all your web traffic and hides your actual IP address by bouncing a series of locations worldwide. It also unblocks and accesses the website that you can't access using a regular browser feature. Orbot proxy app defends against form any network monitoring activities and traffic analysis. It offers one of the secure and safe ways to browse the internet on Android.

Download Orbot Tor for Android

Last but not least, here is the Blue proxy browser for Android that unblocks websites, including social media sites you want to access. Blue Proxy app lets you surf the web without disclosing your identity and losing your privacy. All your web activities are private and keep you anonymous and escape government surveillance. It gives fast browsing without compromising speed, and it has a built-in proxy VPN for user protection and security.

Features of Blue Proxy

Download Blue Proxy VPN for Android








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