Top Lenses And Filters On Snapchat
Want to pick the best lenses and filters on Snapchat, here is the list of the top filters and lenses that Snapchat offers you. Snapchat is popular…

Want to pick the best lenses and filters on Snapchat, here is the list of the top filters and lenses that Snapchat offers you. Snapchat is popular for its filters, lenses, and other features. 


This American multimedia instant messaging application started its journey in 2011. This application is available in iOS and Android. 


You will get 37 languages to communicate with your friends through this online platform. Plus, Snapchat offers to its users every type of filter to capture the best picture as you want. These filters can change your face, emotion, hairstyle, and picture background. Moreover, everything can create a fun element after all. 

You can also create your own filters and use them to promote your brand and products. For social media and online marketing, Snapchat includes a significant part. 

Top Filters And Lenses On Snapchat

Let’s have a look at what we jotted in this list. Check it once to confirm whether you missed it or not. This is a big range to choose from. How to unlock the butterflies lens on Snapchat? – if you are looking at this over the internet, then click here. So, go down. 

  1. The Default Snapchat Filter Names

You may have seen it on your phone’s screen when you are on Snapchat. These are the most common filters that everyone normally uses to filter their photos. 


You can view the filters by swiping up right and left on your video or photo before sharing it with your friends. Make sure you know to use these filters. 


  • Brighten.

  • Sepia.

  • High Contrast.

  • Black and White.

  • Neon.

  • Time/Date Overlay.

  • Location Overlay.

  • Slow Speed (video only).

  • Speed Up (video only).

  • Super Speed (video only).

  • Reverse (video only).

  • Special Occasion.


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  1. The Classic Snapchat Lenses

If you think that Snapchat lenses are the best feature of this application, then you are wrong. There are so many filters that are also popular among users. What about when we want to create a classic picture? 


Install Snapchat and use classic Snapchat lenses. Here are the famous classic lenses that never go off the list. 


  • Rosy Cheeks Retouch.

  • Classic Flower Crown and Glow.

  • Pink Glow Flower Crown.

  • Puking Rainbow.

  • Golden Butterfly Crown.

  • Dancing Hotdog.

  • Face Swap.

  • Dog with Tongue Hanging Out.

  • Camera Roll Face Swap.

  • Extreme Sad Face.


  1. Make You Look Good To Try The Best Snapchat Lenses 

Don’t like your today’s lipstick color shade, do you want to shed something red? Don’t worry, Snapchat provides you with eyeliner, red lipstick, and more. 


You can create many faces through the below lenses. Many users consider these lenses the substitute of makeup. These lenses can change your look instantly. 


  • Black and White with Red Lipstick and Eyeliner.

  • Black and White with Colored Sunglasses.

  • Jeweled Eyes and Pink Lipstick.

  • 50s Glam.

  • Scruffy Beard and Chiselled Jawline.

  • "I Love You" Fog.

  • Comic Book Drawing.

  • Cat Ears, Eyes, and Nose.

  • Purple Lipstick and Tattoos.

  • Halo and Beam of Light.


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  1. The Scary Snapchat Lenses

Halloween comes and people share interesting scary pictures, how? Now, you can also do this through these scary Snapchat lenses. 


We have already mentioned some beautiful filters, now the time to share some scary pictures to your friends and other social media platforms. 


  • Marshmallow Being Roasted.

  • Screaming Zombie.

  • X-Ray Skeleton Skull.

  • Human-Pug Hybrid.

  • Molten Plastic Mask.

  • Face on Fire.

  • Your Mouth As Eyes.

  • Spider Hat.

  • Thundercloud and Glowing Eyes.

  • Lizard Face Lens.


  1. The Best Funny Lenses

Let’s come to the list of funny Snapchat lenses. If you wish to make your friends laugh instead of scared then you must try these funny Snapchat lenses. 


You will find occasion basis filters to celebrate special days like Christmas, new year, and other events. 


  • Cat on Head.

  • Eyes Popping Out of Your Head.

  • Big Eyes Big Mouth.

  • Tiny Chin Big Eyes.

  • Big Mouth and Nose.

  • Tiny Mouth.

  • Bubble Gum Explosion.

  • Scuba Diver.

  • Crying Eyes.

  • Heart Eyes.


  1. Living an Alternate Life: The Best Snapchat Lenses 

Many users like to use these filters to act as an alternate life. Snapchat offers you some famous occupational stickers and allows you to click on your pictures and friends to make some fun. 


  • Firefighter.

  • Police Officer.

  • Pilot with Flight Goggles.

  • Age Yourself.

  • Grandma Glasses and Head Wrap.

  • Elvis.

  • Magazine Cover.

  • Nerd.

  • Red Riding Hood.

  • Santa Claus.


  1. Food-Related Snapchat Lenses

No one can say that they don’t like food. Snapchat also knew that they offer food filters to make your face in bread, strawberry, taco face  and so on. 

  • Face in Bread

  • Tomato Face