The Best of Bridal Lehengas
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Your wedding will be the most memorable and treasured day of your life. Everything including the decor, menu, and location should be flawless. What is the one thing that every bride is most excited about? No prizes for guessing! It is the bridal lehenga! Every bride-to-be is not only excited but also frantic about finding THE lehenga for the D-Day! And well, your bridal lehenga is what largely defines your bridal look and has to be the one that represents who you are! Which makes it all the more important for you to take out time and select the lehenga that is not only unique but also resonates with your personality. 

The bridal lehenga is the centre around which everything else revolves, and there are many factors to keep in mind while purchasing one. You must purchase a bridal lehenga that will best suit your conditions and requirements, from the weather during the ceremonies to the venue of the celebrations. Before you hit the stores, read our concise shopping guide to make shopping for your bridal lehenga enjoyable and stress-free.

Anarkali Silhouette

Anarkalis were once associated with mystery, romance, and tragedy, but today they're a part of a variety of celebrations. The A-line lehenga, also known as the 'Anarkali Silhouette,' will never go out of style because of its endless allure.  Many millennial brides have adopted this traditional and gorgeous style. Plus, the sensation of whirling in this flared ensemble is heavenly!

The Royal Rajputi Poshak

What could be better than the elegant Rajputi poshak with a beautiful gota Patti work to look royal on your wedding day? You can work up your ethnic game with this exquisite and sophisticated attire. Nobody can stop you from looking like the stunning Deepika Padukone from the movie Padmavati. Poshaks come in a variety of colours and embroidery. 

Technicolour bridal lehenga

Yes, you heard it right! Technicolour lehenga for your D-Day! It will not only bring back memories for the 90’s kids but also add a touch of retro and eccentricity to your bridal look. 

The traditional red bridal lehenga

Experimenting with bridal lehengas is popular right now, but let's agree that no matter what trend comes and goes, the classic red bridal lehenga will never go out of style. It's traditional, edgy, and perfectly complements Indian skin tones. As a result, this is a colour that can never go wrong. And there are so many lovely ones these days that are a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary!

Offbeat hues for bridal wear

Since time immemorial, brides have worn red on their wedding day and for the same reason whenever an Indian bride is visualised, a bride in red comes to mind. But things are fast-changing and millennials are opting for more offbeat colours when it comes to choosing the perfect lehenga for their wedding day. You know that the tide is changing when popular celebrities like Anushka Sharma and Natasha Dalal ditch the traditional hues of red. 

Bridal lehengas sporting a gorgeous  belt

If you want a fuss-free bridal look but still want to wear a classic lehenga or saree, we recommend adding a gorgeous belt. Wearing waist belts with bridal gowns is a trend we've been lusting over for a long time! After all, why not? This eye-catching wedding accessory not only alleviates the difficulty of keeping one's dupatta in place but also adds oodles of charm to one's ensemble. Belts come in a variety of options such as nude and pink fabric belts, sequined belts, belts with pearl danglers, belts in solid colours, etc. 

Printed bridal lehengas

Printed lehengas are the lehengas you'll choose between comfort and style. Brides prefer one-time wear over long-term wear, as evidenced by current lehenga trends. Everything in your lehenga will look fantastic, from the comfy silhouettes to the patterned fabrics. Printed lehengas are now fashionable and attracting the attention of most women. Printed lehengas come in a wide variety of styles. As a result, you can choose any lehenga to match your theme. When you wear these patterned lehengas, you won't have to sacrifice your elegance or trend.

Boho lehengas 

Brides have been adorned and made to look like princesses since we were children. If you've always been someone with a quirky style though, boho-chic lehengas are made just for you. It's time to move on from the same old, boring lehengas we've seen our entire lives and accept new changes in our lives. Satisfy your unique fashion cravings and step up your style game with boho-chic lehengas, which are sure to be in style for a long time. Even your favourite Bollywood stars are swooning over these lehengas, just so you know. From dark-toned lehengas to tie and dye lehengas, boho style is winning the fashion game!

Shimmer-shimmer all the way!

You will sweep your groom off his feet with this gleamy lehenga when you enter the wedding scene. In 2022, brides are expected to choose shimmer dresses with mirror work, sequins, and metallic work. Many renowned designers are fond of mirror work lehengas and have experimented successfully with them. Shimmering lehengas will make you stand out during your wedding. 

Velvet lehengas

If you are planning to get married in winter, nothing can beat the velvet bridal lehenga. Do you want to freeze on your wedding day? For a winter wedding, dress warmly and comfortably in velvet, while looking stylish and stunning. The thick velvet fabric is not only warm but also highly elegant to wear on your wedding day. You can choose a simple and plain velvet lehenga or go all out with a designer velvet lehenga, depending on your style. For example, The wine red velvet bridal lehenga looks amazingly classy. 

Pristine whites

The colour white isn't exclusively for Christian bridal outfits. This hue of white has recently been spotted on a lot of brides. Ivory gives your bridal look a hint of refinement and modernity, and it's ideal for your small wedding preparations. Not to mention Rhea Kapoor's stunning ivory saree, which is enough to inspire your bridal look.

Dramatic Trails

A sweeping lehenga trail, no matter how long, can give your bridal look a stunning queen-like vibe. Many designers and couture labels have begun to include these sweeping trails into their lehenga patterns in recent years. And it's all about them for brides! We're expecting a surge in this trend in 2022, and we're hoping to see more dramatic lehenga trails.

Can-can for the queen look!

What is a bridal lehenga without a lot of frills and flash, right? All thanks to the can-can tucked between the layers of the skirt. This simple net adds just the right amount of volume to your lehenga, making you feel like a princess on your big day! This trend provides your outfit with an electrifying effect and works best with airy fabrics like georgette, chiffon, or crepe, allowing you to move around freely without feeling restricted and allowing you to live in the present magnificently!

The buck stops at Panna Sarees for Indian bridal lehenga online shopping. Stop thinking and check out their amazing collection of bridal lehengas from hues of pastels to the traditional reds. If your fingers are tired after searching for sequins saree osequence saree online shopping and you still haven't found anything, Panna Sarees is what you are looking for!